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Coffee Time!

Coffee Time!

Whether you reach for the caffeine to kick start your day (we know how you feel on those slightly groggy mornings) or you simply enjoy the fragrance of roasted coffee beans wafting through the home first thing in the morning, coffee can be a loyal friend. Some of us wait until mid-morning to savour the taste and take ten minutes out to relax and revive whilst others turn to a cup to round off lunch or dinner.

Coffee is now rivalling wine as the astonishing array of flavours increase day by day. The origin of the beans will dictate the flavour, the body and the aroma so why not be adventurous and explore the world of coffee. Do you like strong and deep or light and fruity?


Whether it is coffee or tea we’re drinking a decent mug is a pleasure. Choose a fun design from Repeat Repeat, tailored to your favourite hobby, or pick a stunning design adorned with dogs, hares or flowers from Katie Cardew.

Here in the office at Roxtons, a 10.30 coffee break is a requisite. More recently we’ve been reaching for the heavenly new biscuits from Coffee Dunkers. These delights from an award-winning brand are seriously delicious regardless of whether you choose to dunk or not. Made in small batches in the UK using the finest ingredients in the UK, the hardest part is choosing the flavour of the day.


For those on the go, Cupple ticks the box. This cleverly designed coffee cup combines an insulated coffee cup with a drinking water bottle. It means you can leave home with your water bottle and yet stop for a spontaneous take a away coffee whilst saving space, reducing waste and helping the planet.


 Surely its coffee time now – where is that comfy armchair and my new book?

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