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Free shipping on orders over £50
Forget plastic bottles in the bathroom - the humble bar of soap is having its moment!

Forget plastic bottles in the bathroom - the humble bar of soap is having its moment!

For the past few decades the good old-fashioned bar of soap has been considered just that, old fashioned. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, a bar of soap often meant a bar of Old-Spice or Pears that lived on a wooden soap dish in the bathroom or boot room.

Thankfully, the humble bar of soap has come a long way since then and is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity, thanks to an injection of luxe, a hint of nostalgia and our growing commitment to saving the planet.

Turning your back on liquid soaps and throwaway bottles reduces an awful lot of plastic waste.  It also helps your finances, as solid soaps contain far less water than their liquid counterparts and thus tend to last a lot longer.

Growth of luxury soaps

Claus Porto Musgo luxury soap on a rope

Heritage and luxury soap brands are finding new fans. Claus Porto have been making soap in Porto, Portugal since 1887. Their soap on a rope is one of our most-popular new grooming products for men. Hand-crafted, their soaps are made with 100% vegetable oils and are enriched with walnut extract for a moisturising effect.

When it comes to quality, Claus Porto are the soap leaders!  A cotton rope is manually placed before the soap is moulded and hand-wrapped piece by piece in the most fabulous art deco inspired papers and boxes.  What makes Claus Porto soaps so luxurious is the fact they are milled a fastidious seven times.  The more times soap is ‘milled’ (processed through steel cylinders) the better it will keep its shape and ensure a foam that’s dense, luxurious and will exude its fragrance down to the last sliver.

Find out for yourself what this luxury feels like by ordering our Claus Porto Musgo real soap on a rope.

Best of British soaps

Heyland and Whittle soap

Closer to home, Heyland and Whittle are an award-winning soap manufacturer based in Sussex. Cold-pressed Olive oil-based soaps in fragrances including Nordic Pine and Vetiver.

Nourish your skin with luxurious Heyland & Whittle organic soap.

Traditionally produced soaps

Savonneries Bruxelloises traditionally produced soap

Founded in the early twentieth century, Savonneries Bruxelloises has over the years, established itself as Belgium’s premier soap maker. Located in the heart of Brussels, they use only traditional production methods and organic fragrances including Peony and Ginger. Their unique Black Roses soaps combines rose metals and musk and present a striking black colour that is perfect for contemporary style bathrooms.

Shop today and enjoy a fragrant bathing experience with Savonnieres Bruxelloises soaps.

Gorgeous Guest Soaps

guest soaps

When it comes to guest soaps and gifts, our collections from Michel Design Works are beautiful. Handmade in Sussex from pure vegetable palm oil, glycerine and rich, moisturising, shea butter, these are soaps of the finest quality. The packaging is so pretty they’re almost too good to open! 

If you can’t resist, shop now for these gorgeous guest soaps.

To shop our entire range of luxury bath and body products please click here or visit your local Roxtons shop in Hungerford, Alresford, Stockbridge, Haslemere or Cheltenham.

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