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It's 'Moth' Time Of The Year; How To Protect Your Wardrobe

It's 'Moth' Time Of The Year; How To Protect Your Wardrobe

If the holes in your clothes are not there as a fashion statement but ones that have mysteriously appeared in your favourite knitwear, chances are you have a been visited by moths.

Little silvery moths maybe flying around your home – if so beware! Whilst they cause no damage, their larvae are likely to be feasting somewhere in your wardrobe, in your soft furnishing or in carpets.

Clothes moth larvae feed on natural fibres that contain the protein keratin and so these mischievous, yet shy little pests focus on cashmere, wool, silk, leather, and feathers. It is also found in skin cells, bodily secretions, and food residues, however invisible these may be.


Warmer winters and central heating mean they are a year-round problem but there is a noticeable increase during the months of April and May and August and September, so it pays to be extra vigilant at these times.

Sadly, badly damaged items will need to be discarded whilst others may be repairable and thoroughly cleaned. Either way they need to be out of the wardrobe!


Eradicating moths requires a systematic and organised approach. First up, give your wardrobe a really thorough clean. Sort your clothes into piles to clean at home or take to the dry cleaners. Vacuum the room making sure furniture is moved, curtains included whilst focusing on the wardrobe and all drawers. Pay attention to cracks and crevices where dust collects and larvae lurk.


Spray these areas with Total Wardrobe Care Natural Anti-Moth Linen Spray and use once a week during the breeding season of May to October. Line drawers with Anti-Moth Drawer Liners, impregnated with essential oils and a fragrance that will deter moths for months.


Place special cashmere and woollen knitwear in clothes storage bags for added protection.

If you put your winter clothes away and swop for spring and summer garments it is crucial to ensure all stored items are thoroughly cleaned and smelling beautifully as strong fragrances are a great moth deterrent.  Avoid storing clothing in damp and humid locations such as attics and basements as these are optimal breeding conditions for moths.

In days gone by moth balls were a popular deterrent. Made of chemicals toxic to humans, these pungent little balls contain napthalene which is now banned throughout Europe. Today, natural moth prevention is the way to go. Total Wardrobe Care use carefully blended natural ingredients incorporated into spring water and natural plant alcohol including essential oils from thyme, clove, rosemary, lemongrass, May Chang and cedar. Every treatment smells fabulous to us humans and appalling to moths and their larvae.


Other methods to thwart the activity of moths and their larvae include freeze treatment by plunging your clothes in a freezer for at least 72 hours. More high risk is heat treatment involving lying items on trays and ‘cooking’ on the lowest heat in your oven but be aware of beads and plastic and other meltable adornments. Both options have no guarantee of success so our advice would be through cleaning and the use of natural fragrances.






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