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Books Make Great Gifts!

Books Make Great Gifts!


Hunting for the perfect present but not sure where to start? Tempted to buy an item of clothing but worried you will get the wrong size? Something for the home would be lovely but they have so much ‘stuff’ already? These are all questions that we hear in our shops every day. A possible solution - what about giving a book as your gift?

Books are great gifts. One size fits all, they don’t affect your waist measurement and they won’t die of drought or over watering. You just need to consider the recipient and their passions carefully and you are sure to be on to a winner.

Giving a book as a gift does require thought. The present maybe to show affection, to mark an occasion, in celebration, to apologise, as a thank you or simply as an act of kindness. The choice of title maybe spontaneous – so often a title jumps out and one thinks ‘Ah! That would be perfect for x’. More often, a few minutes spent contemplating the receivers’ interests will narrow the field.

Choosing books as gifts is often an economical and cost-effective option. Weigh up the long-lasting impact and the amount of enjoyment gained - invariably a book lasts way longer than the initial excitement of opening the cover and the long-term impact can be quite extraordinary. One of the biggest benefits of reading books is their lasting perspective, be it a novel, a garden manual, or a fresh approach to cooking.

At Roxtons our collection of books for sale is current, often hot-off-the press and usually in a hardback format. We hope our titles will appeal to a variety of booklovers of multiple genres.


Books for Sports Fans – the perfect gift for those who love watching, playing, improving, or just reading about sports and sports stars. Swot up on statistics or relive that memorable goal…


Books for Foodies – with new titles released daily, the choice is huge. Whilst everyone will have a few well-thumbed tomes on their shelf complete with splatters and stains, it’s a joy to discover new recipes. Whether elaborate Middle Eastern or European dishes for serving to friends to simpler one pan weekday suppers, fresh inspiration is always welcome.


Books for Gardeners – garden lovers almost always enjoy the gift of a gardening book. Whilst some may be too busy in the flower beds and borders during the summer months, chances are they will thoroughly appreciate perusing a beautiful book on gardening during the wintertime. They may savour the photographs of spectacular gardens, increase their plant knowledge, or be inspired by new techniques and tips; a garden book is a great gift idea.


Humorous Books – guaranteed to bring a smile to someone’s face or make them laugh out loud, funny books offer real value for money. Often small in size, their impact can be quite the opposite. Gifting a book of amusing quotes or silly rhymes can often be the kindest gesture.


Travel Books –whether you are jetting off to far away destinations, fleetingly visiting Europe or exploring our very own amazing country, a travel book will offer inspiration, guidance, and itineraries. If you know someone with wanderlust, this may be your perfect gift.

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