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Soapsmith - Hand Lotion

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Soapsmith's lotions are perfectly paired with our hand wash range. A blend of signature scents and moisture-rich ingredients, our lotions provide rich hydration for sumptuously smooth skin. The lotions come in recyclable amber glass bottles that brighten up your basin. 

Sam Jameson, the creator, explains the fragrances: 

Bloomsbury - inspired by the immaculate private gardens protected by large iron fencing and preventing my nose full access to the fresh English blooms, heady bouquets and green glades. Elegant and romantic, this Bloomsbury scent transports me beyond the gates and into the flower beds. Roses, peonies and honeysuckle. 

Camden - a walk through the market awakens the senses with the sensory ensemble of spices, incense and exotic food. This scent has been blended to leave you feeling revived and revitalised, just as the place does. Coconut, Bergamot and white musk.

Lavender Hill - I have always been fascinated by London’s rich history. Lavender Hill not only intrigues me, but it’s also one of the most important landmarks for aromatherapy and essential oils. Today, the gentle breeze imagines a purple haven. Hanging baskets and Victorian tiles. A simple blend of Lavender and Jasmine makes for that perfect spring-summer mood. Lavender and jasmine. 

  • Recyclable packaging. 
  • Vegan friendly. 
  • Cruelty free.
  • Paraben free.




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