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Charles Farris Diffuser 100ml

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Experience continual fragrance, and fill your home with our unique scents. Made in England, our fragrances put a modern twist on traditional British scents to relax, comfort and inspire you.

Extra thick, luxurious reeds release the fragrance gradually over 8-10 weeks.


ELIZABETH - The Elizabeth scent is composed of a youthful, feminine fragrance. Made from young citrus blossom with green accords touched with jasmine and fresh mulberries. A British classic. 

BRITISH EXPEDITION - Warm cloves and light ginger mixed with the freshness of sweet tobacco and mint tea. A scent with an adventurous spirit.

GARDEN OF EDEN - A blossoming garden scent of tuberose and lily of the valley, blended with fragrant jasmine and ylang. A deep, luxurious twist on the scents of the English cottage garden.

REDOLENT FIG - The scent of wild green fig leaves mixed with a hint of fruity cassis, soft florals and woody base notes. Perfect for feeling refreshed and restored.

PINETUM - Composed of sweet green pine needles mixed with cooling eucalyptus and birch leaves, with a rich base of amber and sandalwood. Comforting and restoring, inspired by the herbal notes of a fresh British Christmas tree.

SWEET ELIXIR - Composed of a bouquet of floral with sweet honey, blended with fruity notes of cherry and citrus. A gentle and comforting scent, inspired by the English meadow.

PORTOBELLO - Our newest addition has a rich aroma of fresh raspberry and garden rose, underpinned with rich oak smoke and some refreshing pomegranate and coupled with a sprinkling of pink pepper and citrus zest all harmonise to provide a scent that is long lasting, warming and sensual.

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