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Illumens Abbaye Diffuser

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The Abbaye Collection was inspired by a visit to a 12th Century Cistercian abbey in Picardy coupled with a lifelong love of the French countryside.

These wonderful taper diffusers, handmade in Suffolk by Caroline Hardy Ltd, are a highly effective way to impart fragrance into any room. More constant than pot pourri and without the vigilance needed for a candle, diffusers are now a must have for the discerning individual. Simply put the wooden tapers into the oil bottle and allow the fragrance oil to rise up the reeds by capillary action, and evaporate into the room. The taper diffusers last around twelve weeks in constant use..

  • Fig Valloires - A warm fragrance inspired by beautiful French orchards; this blend promotes the natural, and elegant scent of grey-green fig trees and their epicurean purple fruits.
  • Countess Marie - This is a delicate and refined fragrance which blends fresh, citrus notes with sweet tones from the herb garden. 
  • Garrigue - Meaning 'heathland', this fragrance is inspired by rich earthy tones of gorse bushes, juniper berries and dry, smoky grass.
  • Fleur d'Eglise - An exquisite bouquet of white rose, jasmine, lilac and tuberose. Reminiscent of small, rural churches, filled with flowers. 
  • Charcoal - In the woods above Valloires charcoal burners used to prepare fuel for the fires of the Abbaye. This delicious fragrance has notes not only of those fires but also fresher notes of the leaves of the surrounding trees and the fresh felled wood. Captivating.

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