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Spring Clean The Modern Way With Humdakin

Spring Clean The Modern Way With Humdakin

Spring cleaning has strong historical and religious links. Prior to the Jewish tradition of Passover tradition states that it is important that any traces of unleavened bread are removed from the home.

Nowruz, the celebration of the New Year in Iranian culture involves ‘shaking the house’ to rid it of the old year and prepare for the new one ahead.

And finally, with spring comes warmer weather, gentle winds and longer, lighter days so it’s the perfect time to open those windows and doors and fill the house with fresh air and sunlight. Clean hard surfaces such as the walls and skirting boards and wash upholstery and curtains for a spangly clean home!

It is possible to spring clean your home without the negative impact on our environment of traditional household cleaning brands. Many aggressive products contain harsh chemicals that disrupt our soil, air, and water balance. The warning labels on the bottle are the biggest signal that the contents are toxic, irritable, or poisonous.  Do we really want these in our homes when there are eco-friendly alternatives that actually work?

Humdakin is a Danish company and the innovation of Camilla Schram. Camilla’s childhood memories focus on calmness and purity, enhanced by beautiful flowers, freshly washed clothes, and a clean relaxed home.

She went on to establish a cleaning business intent on leaving her clients with sparkling clean homes but also fragrant and special spaces to return to – a bar of homemade soap in the bathroom, for example.

Her realisation was that cleaning can be more pleasurable if the products used are kind, pleasant and fragrant meaning you are more likely to use them. If this is the case, one is more likely to clean often therefore keeping the home clean rather than living in a chaotic dirty environment where cleaning takes place more sporadically.

Humdakin is built on a desire for a more sustainable everyday life. Responsibility criteria have been considered in all aspects of the business from production, packaging, and transportation. Nordic design means these everyday items do not need to be hidden away under the kitchen sink but are stylish, attractive and instantly to hand.

Fragrances such as Chamomile and Sea Buckthorn or Rhubarb and Birch are uplifting and comforting whilst the body products are nourishing and calming.

The contents contain no parabens, dyes, chemical substances, carcinogens, or essential oils which some people find irritable. There is a strong emphasis on the use of ingredients to curb allergy issues.

The liquid products are highly concentrated meaning less product per container and therefore reduced packaging wastage. The clever Universal Cleanser can be used on all surfacers that tolerate water and smells beautifully of Wild Lemongrass and Nettle. Each bottle of concentrate mixes with water to create approximately 200 refills of a 500ml spray bottle! 

Make your spring clean in 2024 more enjoyable, safer for the environment and adopt a modern take on traditional cleaning methods.




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