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Must have shooting accessories

Must have shooting accessories

The new shooting season is in full swing. To make the most of it be prepared with our range of shooting accessories.

Shooting socks


Most shooting attire sticks to the green and brown tones of the countryside but your shooting socks let you add a touch of colour and personality. A good pair will fit you perfectly, keeping you warm and dry. Buy them too big and you’ll find them bunching at the bottom of your boots.

Wellington Boots

Aigle Parcours 2 Iso Boots

The humble welly used to have just one function, to keep your feet vaguely dry, but new innovations and the addition of neoprene and fur linings mean your wellies now keep you dry and warm as well as supporting your feet for a comfortable day. Buy a good pair and you’ll have them for decades! 


GMK Rifle Slip - Scope/Bipod

Protect your guns with our range of gunslips. From more affordable canvas to the crème de la crème of full leather with sheepskin linings.

Game Books

Game Book - Rexine

Our game books help you record guns present, drives and total bags. They make the perfect presents, especially when personalised with initials.

Peltor Bull's Eye Hearing Protector

Peltor Shotgunner Ear Defenders

Keep your ears protected through the hurricane of gun shots, to have reassurance over your hearing. Compact and efficient, our Peltor Bull’s Eye Hearing Protector offers outstanding ear protection all season long.

Gun Cleaning Kit In Plastic Box

Cleaning Kit In Plastic Box

Keep your gun clean and at the ready at all times with our complete gun cleaning set. Packed in a lightweight, compact carrying case, it’s easy to keep the kit by your side at all times. The set is complete with all the cleaning essentials, including a three-piece wooden rod, split jag, wool mop, phosphor-bronze brush, gun oil, barrel cleaner, CCL stock conditioning oil and cloth.

Cartridge Extractors

Cartridge Extractors

One of our top recommended accessories, for every keen shot to have by their side are cartridge extractors. Ready in your pocket to help remove full or spent cartridges that have blocked the chambers.

Here at Roxtons we are proud retailers embracing country living with the products we supply. Among our clothing and lifestyle collections, our shooting range covers everything you will need for a successful shooting season.

Game books, gun slips, cleaning kits, targets and gun safety are just a few ranges we have to offer within our country department. To browse our full collection click here

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