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Long Live the Visitors Book - why we all love these leather-bound journals.

Long Live the Visitors Book - why we all love these leather-bound journals.

Booking a weekend away now inevitably starts with a browse of the hotel’s reviews on Google or TripAdvisor but recording your opinions on a stay isn’t a new phenomenon.

Visitors Book

The History of Visitors Books                                                                   

Visitors Books have been around since the 18th century, with many now viewed as prized possessions in the archives of country houses, museums and galleries.
Tatler claims that it was the 4th Earl of Frodsham in 1753 who made the visitors book fashionable in society. The story goes that he wanted one to keep track of which mistress had been to stay on which weekend, so he didn’t muddle them up!
Since then the leather-bound visitors book has become a fixture everywhere from country houses to Airbnb’s and are a dead cert on any fashionable couple’s wedding list.

Visitors Book Etiquette
So, are there any rules when it comes to writing in a visitors book? Old-fashioned etiquette claims it’s vulgar to write too much in a visitors book; just your name, date and address will do – but where’s the fun in that? Thankfully times have changed, and most hosts prefer to find some creativity in the comments box.

Other Visitors book do’s and don'ts include:
1. Never close a Visitors book – it’s a sign you don’t want to come back!
2. Stay positive, this isn’t Trip Advisor where a 1 star review is acceptable.
3. Remember this isn’t for your hosts eyes only – future guests will also read every word!
4. Keep it brief – those little boxes are there for a reason.
5. Tap into your creative side.

Thankfully in this digital age, the leather-bound visitors book shows no signs of disappearing! Finding one at the end of a wonderful weekend away is a chance for you to say thank you and remember the best parts of your stay, at the same time as creating a treasured possession for your host.

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