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Panier Des Sens Hand Cream 30ml


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An ultimate beauty essential, this deliciously scented silky cream helps to nourish and protect the skin, containing olive oil and Shea butter to keep your hands soft and subtle daily.


ROSE: Rose symbol of love, god's flower, passing beauty and fragility of life. Its universal and luxurious perfume turns this ingredient as a reference in the fragrance and cosmetic industry.

SEA FENNEL: Sea fennel is a small sea side plant particularly known for its resistance. Rich in sea and mineral salts like potassium, iodine and vitamin C we can extract from this plant a rare and precious essential oil. Traditionally used to lose weight and fight cellulite, thanks to its regenerating, firming and slimming properties, Panier Des Sens have chosen this sea active ingredient to take care of mature skins.

PROVENCE: This Provence extract contains lemon, artemisia and cypress essential oils.

VERBENA: Verbena is a shrub that is typical of the Mediterranean basin. One of Mother Nature's curiosities, verbena resembles its fragrance, refreshing and stimulating yet it has soothing and relaxing properties that provide relief from daily stress.

ROSE GERANIUM: The rose-like aroma of geranium is particularly delicate, both sweet and strong, very similar to that of rose, yet distinctive thanks to its light green and citrus notes.

PRECIOUS JASMINE: The delicate flowers of the Jasmine Grandiflorum deliver a captivating powdery and slightly fruity fragrance.

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