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Free shipping on orders over £50 | Free gift wrap

Uhmm Food Box

Colour: Light Grey

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The daily challenge of trying to find the right lids for your good containers is over. 

Don't wrap it, fold it! The Uhmm box is a foldable lunch box and lid all in one.  

The Uhmm Box is made of polypropylene – a sustainable plastic material, which is both food grade and recycled 5 approved. In other words, the plastic material from the Uhmm Box can be recycled, and if the box is incinerated, it will only release water and a little bit of C02 into the environment.

Even whilst heating in the microwave – the Uhmm Box does not release any toxins. The Uhmm Box is coated, so the smell and colour of the food, cannot transfer to the material. 

The unique folding technique makes the box practical for the dishwasher, fridge, or any other place where space is limited. Unfold the box to form a plate or bowl, and benefit from a product that is easy to clean and store.

SIZE when folded:  H7 x W12 x D10cm

Volume:  900ml



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