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Savonneries Bruxelloises Small Soap Box

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This heavenly scented Triple Milled Soap collection is enriched with Rich Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Glycerin to give you a luxuriant, moisturising and fragrant bathing experience.


Black Roses Discover the voluptuousness of Rose petals and the sensuality of Musk with this black soap enriched with glycerine. This fragrance is suitable for lovers of more masculine and pronounced fragrances.

Ginger & Lime - The amazing encounter between ginger and lime freshens and nourish your skin with a subtle fragrance full of vitamins and energy.

Mango - A subtle tropical fragrance will transport you to warmer climes to bring a smile to your face.

Olive Flower - Discover the comfort and softness of olive flower. This fragrance, more classic, will accompany you delicately throughout the day. The olive flower is very suitable for those who want a more subtle presence of fragrances in bath and shower products.

Peony - Enjoy the soothing and relaxing fragrance of the Peony. This floral fragrance is slightly more pronounced than his colleague Olive flower. Peony will meet your desire for a floral fragrance with a beautiful strength of character.

Orange & Grapefruit - Discover the surprising encounter of Orange and Grapefruit.  These citrus scents will bring you a good dose of freshness throughout the day.

2 x 50g soap bars

Contains no animal ingredients

REF: BBE8787


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