George Wood Fibrecane Polo Mallet

George Wood Fibrecane Polo Mallet


The composite shaft is a huge advance on earlier models using the latest technology and a well tested combination of modern materials. It has a larger sweet spot, minimal vibration and out performs cane in every way. Impervious to climatic conditions and will never “ring”. Suitable for head weights of 160 grams and upwards.

The new injection moulded handle is by far the best polo grip ever made. Super comfortable, great grip, shock absorbing, long lasting, easily washed and with an adjustable sling. 

These sticks have up to 3 weeks wait time and are non-refundable. The standard Medium handle with a Medium stiff shaft will be ordered, unless otherwise stated on your order.  Please call 01488 682885 if you would like to discuss your order.

REF:  70854503

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