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Free shipping on orders over £50 * Christmas returns by 5th January 2024

Chipolo Wallet Finder Spot On

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Most of us have had occasions when this would have been invaluable; find your lost wallet fast with the Chipolo Wallet Finder Spot On which slips into your wallet.

Track down your wallet with the Chipolo Card Spot Wallet Finder. Play sound to find your wallet nearby or locate it on a map with the Apple Find My network, made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices. Receive a notification when you leave your wallet behind. Chiplolo Card Spot is as thin as two credit cards so fits your wallet perfectly and can also be slipped inside your passport pouch too. 

  • Slip the Chipolo Card Spot into your wallet without adding extra bulk. 
  • Play sound to find your wallet when its hiding nearby (up to 200feet/60metres). With a loud sound you can even find it buried under a pile of clothes! 
  • Locate your wallet on a map, using the power of the extensive Apple Find My Network. 
  • Lost mode - if your item ever goers missing, the Apple Find My app will notify you when it's located. 
  • Be notified - receive a notification when you accidently leave your wallet behind or when the apple Find My network located your missing item.

Tech Spec:

  • Loudness: up to 105dB
  • As thin as it gets: 2.4mm
  • Size: 85.1 x 53.6mm
  • Plays sound when nearby 60m.
  • Locate items.
  • Water resistant. 
  • Battery lasts up to 2 years. Recycle and renew program. 
  • Compatibility: pairing requires an iPhone or iPad. to use the Apple Find My app, the latest version of iOS, iPadOS or macOS is recommended. 


  • The unique Bluetooth identifiers used to locate a device on the Find My network rotate frequently so users can't be tracked from  place to place and the apple Find My network use advanced    encryption to ensure that no one else, not even apple or Chipolo, can view the location of your Chipolo Card Spot. 




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