When it comes to accessorising, most men play it pretty safe, apart, that is, in the sock department. Gone are the days when the acceptable choice extended only to shades of blue and black, socks have now become one area of a man’s wardrobe where almost anything goes.

Like ties, sock choice is now something that a gentleman can have fun with and it’s amazing how much you can learn about the wearer in that inch between trouser and shoe. Red, it seems, is for power and displays a can do, no nonsense attitude, a favourite for business and boardrooms. Spots and patterns display a fun-loving personality, someone’s who’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Stripes, a happy medium, not too out-there but still hinting at a creative side.


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While we are all for showing your personality through your choice of footwear, like all elements of dressing, there are some basic rules of style and taste that you should still stick to. Here are our top tips for getting your sock selection just right.

1. Tradition dictates that your socks should match the colour of your trousers, and when it comes to formal occasions we agree. The basic rule is, the dressier the occasion, the darker the sock.

2. Coordinate – if you are adding colour then try to coordinate with something worn above the waist – tie, sweater belt or handkerchief.

3. No socks with shorts or sleepwear – need we say more?

4. White socks – for sport, and only sport.

5. Cover up – that inch between sock and trouser should never see the light of day.

7. Coloured trousers – coloured socks? Go ahead, be creative, but we advise breaking things up a bit rather than going for the same shade from belt to toe, or why not add some pattern…we’re big fans.

8. Shooting socks – it’s the weekend, so why stick to the conservative norm, add a touch of pattern to make you stand out from the field.