It’s that time of year when we’re meant to turn over a new leaf, start anew, give up and get on. All very well, but if your dedication to chocolate or your love of a little tipple is a hard habit to kick, then choosing a style related resolution might be an easier one to stick to. The New Year is a great time to overhaul your wardrobe and aim for a fresh new look in the year head.

Here are our Buyers top tips for a successful style overhaul.

Ditch the black – Black has always been considered a fail-safe colour choice when it comes to fashion but it’s not the most flattering, with experts claiming just one in five of us have the right skin tone to wear black; its cool undertones strip the complexion of warmth, can highlight dark shadows and shock horror! even emphasise wrinkles. However, we cant deny it’s magic slimming properties but our advice is to stick to wearing it on the bottom half and choose more flattering neutrals around the face or banish the all-black effect with a splash of colour in your accessories.  Or go for stylish navy instead.

Embrace colour - On the subject of colour, Spring is the time to truly embrace it. This season our favourite collections are full of stunning – and uber-flattering pinks from dusky to coral, sunshine yellows and turquoise blues. We’re embracing the coloured jean and chino again and wearing these new shades in kaftans, tunics and knitwear.

Don’t be afraid of pattern - Many people are scared of pattern but the key to getting it right is choosing one piece and going simple on the others. Pattern is also a great choice if you have found it hard to stick to your slimming regime – wearing pattern on your problem areas distracts the eye from your outline and creates a more slimming effect.

Buy Quality - We pride ourselves on only stocking quality collections where the cut and fabric won’t wear, stretch or fade. Trousers, even your everyday jeans and chinos, should be the perfect fit every time. We love Brax jeans, their unique stretch cotton flatters every figure, and for summer, these new chinos from Part Two are the perfect combo of comfort and style. Even our T-shirts are chosen for their perfect fit. Take our classic Breton tops, we source them from Armorlux, a classic French brand established in 1938, now known across the world for quality, the company carries out over 10,000 quality checks on its garments every year.

Try something new – when it comes to New Year, New You, it’s not all about dropping the pounds. Why not overhaul your wardrobe by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new styles and collections. If you’ve been a slave to the skinny for the past 12 months, now may be the time to experiment with wide leg trousers or if you’ve been shrouded in black and grey since the onset of Autumn why not choose now to fill your wardrobe with colour.

Shop local – click and collect may save us time but it’s not nearly as much fun as having coffee with a friend and then browsing your local independent boutiques. We buy small quantities of every piece so that our customers are confident they are buying something they wont see every other mother in at the school gates!

Our new Spring Collections will be dropping into all of our stores very soon !