The latest style lesson from the land of Nord, Hygge (pronounced Hu-gge) roughly translates as a feeling of cozy, intimacy and contentment. It's all about creating feelings of relaxation, friendliness and wellbeing and with Denmark voted the happiest country on earth for the past 40 years, we are all ready and willing to learn their Hygge secrets.


1. Candlelight – Lighting is key to good Hygge and you can create both the perfect ambience and fragrance with candlight. The Danes burn more candles per head than any country in Europe.


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2. Cosiness – drinking hot chocolate snuggled under a blanket is a regular pastime of a Hygge loving Danes and our new hand woven Mois Mont throws are the perfect accessory, throw them over a sofa or wear as a cover up for maximum snuggle factor.


3. Look after yourself - luxuriating in a hot bath is a key component of a Hygge lifestyle, try adding a few drops of our Olverum bath oil – pure pine in a bottle.


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4. Turn your 4pm cuppa into an event, bake a cake and invite friends round to enjoy a few relaxed hours together.



5. Sit by a roaring log fire. No self-respecting Hygge household could exist without an overflowing log basket and a roaring fire.


6. Keep things simple – when it comes to entertaining, the Hygge way is the no fuss way. Delicious soups, simple roast chickens all equal perfect Hygge fair



7. Get outside, Hygge may translate as cosiness but that doesn’t have to mean staying cooped indoors. Putting on the wellies and wrapping yourself in a fur stole or cashmere scarf is also 100% Hygge.


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8. Pick up a book – losing track of time and escaping into the pages of a good book is so much better than channel surfing the TV or browsing Google.



9. Think Tactile – Hygge is all about nature, natural fibres, cosy yarns. Think wool, cashmere and fur.


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10. Above all else, Hygge is taking time out and spending quality, stress-free time with friends and family.