Great fitting jeans have become a wardrobe staple for every generation but finding the perfect pair can often involve hours of research and changing room trauma. So called ‘skinnies’ can more often than not hamper the circulation and ‘straight’ leg rarely fall into the chic category. High street buys can often disappoint with saggy bottoms, gaping waist bands and colours with little or no staying power. There’s almost no other garment more at the mercy of fit than jeans - The perfect pair needs to slim, flatter and be comfortable …but we think we’ve found it in Brax.

Brax was founded in Germany in 1888 and is the "Vorsprung durch Technik" of the German garment industry. Master tailor Bernward Leineweber and his wife Mary opened a specialist store for men’s ready-to-wear clothing in Berlin in 1888. Through two World Wars and various changes of ownership, Brax – from the Latin word for trousers, was formed as a trouser and jeans specialist for men and women in 1972. Today the focus is on providing the optimal fit through sourcing the best materials and employing modern production techniques and top-quality workmanship.

The legendary Brax attention to detail covers everything from wider waist bands to avoid the dreaded ‘muffin top’ to an innovative ‘Perma’ dying process which protects black, brown and dark wash jeans from fading. Special touches come in the form of pocket detailing on the ‘Crystalised’ designs, super soft and ultra-comfortable satin cotton in the ‘Cosy Cotton’ designs to a special aged finish in the new ‘Frozen Powder’ collection.

 We often get asked why we’ve chosen to stock Brax jeans rather than other name brands and the answer is simple, they are just the best quality jean we have found and the fit works for nearly every one of our customers – young or old, skinny or not!

 Take if from our team – we’re all Brax fans!