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Rose Sea Fennel Soothing Provence Verbena Rose Geranium

Panier Des Sens Liquid Soap

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Rose: Rose symbol of love, gods’ flower, passing beauty and fragility of life. Its universal and luxurious perfume turns this ingredient as a reference in the fragrance and cosmetic industry. This organic liquid soap gently cleanses to help preserve the skin’s natural balance. Rich in rose essential oil, an ingredient that is sought-after for its regenerating, soothing and toning properties to help heal damaged skin.

Soothing Provence: This Provence extract contains lemon, artemisia and cypress essential oils. This organic liquid soap is inspired by an irresistible journey in Provence. It gently cleanses the skin and helps to preserve its natural balance. The citrus essential oils quicken body dynamism with their fruity and sunny scents. They help to reduce tiredness by waking up the epidermis. The cypress essential oil brings power and warm to the fragrance as the artemisia balance properties make this soap soft for a daily care usage.

Verbena: Verbena is a shrub that is typical of the Mediterranean basin. Rich in toning and harmonizing verbena essential oil, this organic liquid soap takes particularly good care of devitalizing and tired skin. A vibrant, radiant scent to revive both the body and mind! This plant is a real paradox from nature. It presents different and complementary properties both energizing and relaxing that helps to reduce stress from our daily life.

Rose Geranium: Rich in vegetable oils, olive and copra, this liquid soap gently cleanses and helps the skin to preserve its natural balance. Cooked in cauldrons, it is made in accordance with the traditional way of manufacturing Marseille soap.

- Rose
- Sea Fennel
- Soothing Provence
- Verbena
- Rose Geranium

Size: 500ml

REF: BCK4621

Panier Des Sens Liquid Soap